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happy birthday! I miss you! we need to get to get her and celebrate now that we only live 45 min away!

thank you :) and heck yes we should!  seeing each other one or twice every few years ain’t cool and we should fix that! 



If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am so proud of you. You’re in your own apartment, you’re onto your Masters degree in something that you love, you’re working as a librarian, and you’re on the road (or even at your destination) of knowing and loving who you really are. I can’t really just drive down the road to pick you up before we go to the Bean anymore, but I can’t be more happy for you than I am right now. (I’ve actually been learning myself that) you’ll still have those ups and downs throughout the individual days, but looking at your year as a bigger picture - as a whole? It’s impressive, right? It’s fantastic. You’re doing fantastic and you’re going so far.

I really didn’t want to just text you, or message you ‘Happy birthday, my love!’ on Facebook or on Tumblr. My head feels so crammed with things to say that not one idea is really sticking out, but I know I wanted to actually WRITE something to you. Not just a ‘Happy birthday’. Not just a ‘Hope you have a FANTASTIC day!’ Even after being apart for two or three years, you’re still my best friend and you deserve much more than just one wishful sentence. Hell, if I had the time and if I knew you had the time, I would probably have found your address by your parents and driven up to surprise you! lol But alas, the lives of young adults with school and work hinder any time for relaxation, it seems.

So, since I’m not there, consider this virtual cupcake yours! Unless your feelings for buttercream and the like have changed, consider the ornamental flavoring to be Cool-Whip frosting (I tried drawing one, but I couldn’t get it just right, since I haven’t used my Wacom in a long while.  So, this is from the interwebs).


I miss you, you know. When we last hung out at the Bean and went to see Captain America - even though we haven’t seen each other in two years - I knew it wasn’t going to be a problem. Like, you know those people who hang out nonstop (as we did before you went off to GVSU), and then COMPLETELY fall out, and then it’s just painfully awkward if they try to go right back into that? I knew it wasn’t going to be like that for us, and I’m glad. I’m happy that we can just go on from where we left off, almost. And this is the paragraph where I thank you for everything and say that I’m VERY glad to have you in my life still, even if it’s through wires and electricity most of the time! lol Thank you for putting up with me and being there for me and … everything, and I can only hope that I’m fulfilling my end of this friendship just as much for you. You can always make me smile, and you’re one of the very few people I feel entirely comfortable around. I’ve told you before that it doesn’t even matter what we do - even if we’re just sitting down while staring at the ceiling in complete silence - I enjoy it.

You’re beyond amazing, Meg. As a person and as a friend. I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll go onto great things in life. Keep reaching for those stars - the highest possible!

I love you, I wish you all the best, I thank you for everything, I’m SO VERY proud of you, and I hope to see you soon …

Have the best day today,

P.S. here’s a small 8track. The theme is sort of ‘relaxation’ … almost lol. Try listening to it with a cup of coffee or tea on your couch with your comfiest of blankets, closing your eyes. Fill your head with the sound - make it flow through your blood (i.e. put those iPhone earbuds in, man lol).

Sam!!!!! This is beautiful!!  Thank you so much!  I’ve said it before, but you mean so much to me!  And I agree with everything you said.  You’re one of my best friends and one of the very few people I feel completely comfortable around.  I’m so glad that we fell into each others orbit and have stayed there.  Though tbh, it does major bum me out that we can’t do choir and theater together anymore :(  But yes, come visit me any time!  I’d love to show you my apartment and around downtown!  There’s actually a little 24 hour coffee shop that in a way reminds me of the Bean :P  I love you so much, I’m so, so proud of you too, and I had a lovely birthday, made ten times better by your words :)

P.S.  I feel like you’re my music soul mate, so I’m super excited to listen to the mix! :D

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